I love working with local small businesses, and my pricing is designed to put professional quality within reach of even the smallest operations.
Half-day projects start at $350.
These are for smaller projects that can be completed in a few hours time. These include things like a video blog for your Facebook or Youtube channel, some quality staff portraits, or some photos of your new storefront.
Full-day projects start at $675.
These are for larger projects that require staying on-site all day, or for when we need to tackle multiple projects all at once. If you're bringing me to cover your team repairing a flooded crawlspace, or if we're getting the next 2 months worth of educational vlogs, this is where we'll want to start.

Video Editing Services are $125 / hour
Already have your footage and storyboard ready to go? We're available for your video editing projects as well, including color grading & audio correction.
Want to learn more about how we can really help your business stand out? Interested in getting a quote on your next project? Contact us today! We're looking forward to working with you.
Thank you!
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